Tree Plantation admin December 19, 2022
Tree Plantation
26th Jan 2019 was the day we embarked on a journey to plant 2500 plants as our gratitude for entering the centenary year of B. U. Bhandari.
We are thankful to the Forest Department for allowing us to plant and nurture the trees on the Lohegaon forest land.
We are extremely thankful to the Green Avani Foundation and it’s members for taking great care of the trees over the period of time and ensuring that the mortality rate of the trees planted is less than 5%.
We are sure the plantation site will be a wonderful thick forest with all indigenous trees and will provide a great place for birds and some more wild life.We are committed to ensure that the trees planted by Green Avani Foundation and B. U. Bhandari survive and the place gets converted to a mini forest.
Today, 15th Aug 2022, we completed the last phase of the plantation and will continue to provide maintenance service on site till the plants/trees are independent to survive on their own.
Jai Hind
– Shailesh Bhandari B. U. Bhandari